17 Natural Ways to Manage Morning Sickness

Being pregnant is one of life’s greatest joys; however, the accompanying morning sickness is not fun to deal with. So what can you do to avoid taking up residence in the bathroom once you are pregnant? How can you avoid the nausea associated with morning sickness without depending on expensive and possibly harmful pills?

Manage Morning Sickness

Thankfully, for you I have the answer. During this article I will give you multiple morning sickness remedies that are natural, affordable and safe. So sit tight and enjoy this informative article.


17 Natural Ways to Manage Morning Sickness

Though morning sickness is a normal part of pregnancy which cannot be avoided, the following remedies will help you ease the symptoms (nausea and vomiting) which you may be experiencing.

  1. Make tea from grated root ginger, let it cool, and sip it slowly throughout the day. Alternatively, you can take ginger capsules, gingersnaps, and ginger candy if you dislike the taste of ginger tea.
  2. You can also make yourself a cup of spearmint or peppermint tea when you are feeling hot and uncomfortable. If you do not want the tea, you can opt for sugarless peppermint chewing gum and sweets.
  3. Herbal remedies are also great for combating morning sickness, and these can come in the form of slippery elm lozenges, chamomile tea, and lemon balm tea. However, these solutions are usually short-term, and you might want to supplement them with other remedies.
  4. Acupressure is also another method of managing morning sickness. In this case you should press down on an acupuncture point on your wrist, in order to relieve yourself of the wave of nausea that is threatening to overcome you. You can use an acupressure wristband to help you with this process.
  5. If movement e.g. car motion makes your morning sickness worse, then put on headphones and listen to music. The pulsing beats will restore balance in your inner ear, relieving the motion sickness.
  6. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin B-6 such as chicken and avocados. If you do not want to get the Vitamin B in food form, you can take a supplement to reduce your nausea.
  7. Aromatherapy may help relieve nausea, using peppermint, spearmint, lemon, lime, and ginger essential oils.
  8. Another way of managing morning sickness is going through reflexology with a registered practitioner.
  9. If you are suffering from emotional issues like anxiety, stress, and fear, they may end up aggravating your morning sickness symptoms. In this case, hypnotherapy might reduce these emotional issues which may in turn have a positive impact on your morning sickness problems.
  10. Take a sick day when you are feeling too nauseated to get out of bed. And during the seventh to eighth week when morning sickness is at its peak, take some vacation time. The time off will help your body recover from the hard work it takes to grow a baby.
  11. While morning sickness seems random, it often occurs on a somewhat regular schedule. You might find yourself nauseated and vomiting first thing in the morning, mid-afternoon, or in the early evening. It is wise to start tracking your sickness, so that you can identify what is triggering your sickness e.g. the neighbors cooking or your coworker’s perfume. When you know your sickness triggers, you can avoid them as much as you can.
  12. Stay hydrated at all times, as nausea increases with dehydration. If you are not feeling up to taking fluids, trick your body into feeling thirsty by doing things like eating salty snacks.
  13. Every mother has a different food that they can eat without filling queasy, and it is up to you to identify which foods these are. Most pregnant women find that certain foods like carb-rich snacks (crackers), pretzels, dry cereal, and ice cold treats (popsicles, watermelons) are easy to keep down.

Alternatively, fatty foods and spicy meals may make morning sickness worse.

  1. Eating small snacks throughout the day prevents nausea due to an empty stomach and nausea caused by overeating.
  2. Take a short walk or participate in light exercise in order to distract yourself from morning sickness.
  3. Take a few breaths and lie down, and treat yourself to a well deserved rest. This is a great way of combating morning sickness.
  4. Strong smells act like triggers for morning sickness, and when this occurs you should sniff a fresh scent or breathe in some fresh air. Some fresh scents that work include lemon and rosemary.

With the information provided above you can now go ahead with your daily routine without the fear of succumbing to sickness in the middle of nowhere. And before I forget, congratulations on your baby!

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Insanity Max: 30 Meal Plan and Nutrition Guide

Insanity Max: 30 is an astounding program that will guarantee a fitter you in the least possible time. Have you ever wished to get fit in as little as 30 to 60 days and get unbelievable results? If you nod yes while reading this, then you owe it to yourself to check this product out. The Insanity Max: 30 covers everything from Cardio Challenges and Sweat Intervals, and rounds it up with a No Time to Cook Guide and an Insanity Max 30 Eating Plan. The statement that says you will be pushed to the limit will be an understatement when you try out the Insanity Max 30 guide.

What is the Nutrition to the Max Guide?

The Nutrition to the Max Guide is a no-fuss, easy to follow eating plan that you can adapt in your life to get the best results. If you are looking for strict meal plans or an unforgiving diet regimen, then you can look somewhere else. The Insanity Max 30 Nutrition Guide is simple but it is very effective in helping you get fit. The program is made to complement the whole Insanity Max 30 program but it still works when you just need to be healthier or if you wish to gain more natural energy throughout the day.

The guide has a certain category for your body weight, a Plan A for those who weigh less than 150 pounds, and a Plan B for those over 150 pounds. Included is a food tracker for each plan and they are for keeping tabs on how you eat in the next 30 or so days. All kinds of healthy food are included in the tracker- it has portions for fruit and veggies, carbs, proteins, healthy fat, oil butters and seed. The eating plan primarily is for removing body fat and generally for losing weight. One source says that the key here is to balance all of the nutrition listed and to spread it out in 5 meals per day. This is done for the body to regulate blood sugar and works its best all throughout the day and it keeps you from getting hungry at certain times of the day.

The Nutrition to the Max guide can be tweaked and adjusted according to your personal experiences. The idea is to add or subtract specific food types if you are feeling too full or are still hungry after eating. Since fruit and veggies are on the top of the plan, the guide will instruct you to add those first if you feel tired and lack energy throughout the day. Remove carb or protein portions as necessary if you are not losing weight. One section of the meal plan is very useful since the meal itself is very easy to prepare and is also easy to consume. Shakeology explains how to put in the necessary food groups in easy to make shakes and drink them conveniently during the busiest part of your day.

Insanity Max: 30 Nutrition and Eating Plan works best when used in combination with the other Insanity Max products and DVDs to whip you into shape and to get you started eating right and losing weight. You may be surprised at the fact that eating healthy has an important role in working out to get the body that you have yearned for the longest time.

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

4 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

Getting a good night’s sleep is very important for your energy levels, your mood and your health. Also, it is dependent on what you do through the day— what you eat and drink, how much activity you get during the day and how emotionally stimulated you are—particularly in the hours before you go to bed.

When people suffer from sleep issues or insomnia that is often because of something that they are doing by mistake, when they should be preparing for rest. In order to help you not to have insomnia or any other sleeping issues, we will show you four things that you might want to avoid at night!

1. Do not use a smartphone or e-reader

By using electronic devices such as smartphones and e-readers, or watching television before going to sleep – all of that can disrupt sleep. You need to avoid any light-emitting technology at least one hour before you go to sleep.

The thing is that blue light given off by smartphones, computers, tablets, and TV prevents the production of melatonin which helps your body to become sleepy. So, no electronic devices one hour before sleeping time.

Night time connection

2. Do not take certain medications

If you take any medicines or any supplements on a daily basis you can also experience some sleeping problems. You need to ask your doctor whether the time of day you take your dosage may be keeping you awake. The thing is that the effects may be delicate, but some medicines can make you alert for a few hours after taking them. Antidepressants can have strong effects on sleep and some pain medications can upset your stomach and in that way make your sleeping time more difficult. And sleeping pill is not always the answer. it can be good for short-term use, but if you are taking it regularly you need to talk with your doctor. Some other prescription drug will be a lot safer and more effective if you need to use it a few weeks or in longer-term.


3. Do not drink coffee

A cup of coffee contains anywhere from eighty to hundred and twenty milligrams of caffeine per cup. So, you should probably know that you need to avoid it right before bed. Although some people still like the idea of a hot drink after dinner, and may not realize that even though they are still a few hours away from turning in, their habit can disturb sleep. Well, the truth is that caffeine can stay in the body for up to twelve hours. So, no more coffees in the evening!

4. Do not eat chocolate

If you didn’t know another sneaky source of caffeine is chocolate! Especially dark chocolate with high cocoa contents. The thing is that people do not think about ice cream that contains coffee or chocolate as something that can keep them awake, but if they are sensitive to caffeine that can definitely do the trick. Chocolate also contains the stimulant theobromine, which is shown to increase heart rate and sleeplessness. So, no more late snacks!Chocolate-chocolate-33703891-2214-1683

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